Evacuteer.org 2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Our organization’s vision and action plan for the next two years of operations within the New Orleans community, and beyond

About the Strategic Plan:

In June of 2018, our Board of Directors engaged with Fournier Consulting to review Evacuteer.org’s operations and develop a roadmap for our future. They met with current and former staff, board members, and an additional consultant to come to an agreement on organizational priorities for the next two years of operations.

We would like to especially thank our volunteers, community partners, advocates, and everyone who contributed to this effort. We appreciate their time, expertise, and views to help us develop goals that will better define our organization’s place in the New Orleans nonprofit landscape, and beyond!

Evacuteer.org Strategic Plan contributors include:

Dr. John Renne, Board Chair

Josh Sawislak, Board Member

Caroline Fayard, Board Member

Jeffrey Thomas, Board Member

Robert Fogarty, Board Member Emeritus and Co-Founder of Evacuteer.org

Kali Rapp Roy, Former Executive Director of Evacuteer.org

Jillian Sandoval, Acting Executive Director of Evacuteer.org

David Morris, Former Executive Director of Evacuteer.org

Aubry Kyle, Former Evacuteer.org Fellow

Nancy Fournier, Consultant

Jamie Wine, Consultant