This year, is very excited to partner with New Orleans Burners without Borders (BWB) in a pledge to make One Thousand Emergency Kits to distribute to families in need ahead of the upcoming hurricane season!

The drive was led by a grant sponsored by BWB to assemble 50 bags filled with emergency supplies such as canned goods, face masks, flashlights and more. This year, our two emergency relief organizations are teaming up to maximize our outreach efforts and recruit new volunteers to help our neighbors during a potential crisis.


A 2019 report published by The Data Center tells us that 19 percent of New Orleans households do not have access to a vehicle.

Additionally, out of 393,000 people living in New Orleans, 26 percent of our population live at or below the poverty level.

Busy school and work schedules, children, and long commutes via public transportation- all of these things can make it difficult for families to set aside the time to keep an emergency kit stocked for every member of their household. Evacuation assistance and access to critical supplies during hurricane season is an issue of dire importance- possibly even life or death. So we believe that one thousand is just the beginning…


The iconic Circle Food Store in Tremé, which suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Katrina, after the August 2017 flash flood.

The iconic Circle Food Store in Tremé, which suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Katrina, after the August 2017 flash flood.

New Orleans Burners Without Borders members began building partnerships within the Tremé community following the August 2017 flash flood, which dumped almost 10 inches of rain across the city within a matter of hours. The Tremé received some of the heaviest rainfall and, due to critical failures in our city’s drainage pump system, was quickly inundated with several feet of water.

We know that weather events like the flash flooding we witnessed in 2017 can, and probably will, happen again. By piloting this project in the central Tremé neighborhood, we hope to create a ripple effect throughout the city. Many of the community organizations with offices housed in the Tremé have a membership base that spans New Orleans. In partnership with these groups, we hope to launch additional outreach campaigns and focus our concerted efforts in other flood-prone neighborhoods.

At heart, we believe in a safer, more prepared New Orleans, now and forever.

Will you join us in the Pledge To One Thousand?

No amount is too big or too small! All contributions we receive will go directly to the purchase of emergency kit items. Any funds raised in excess of our goal will to purchase more supplies, so that we can reach more communities!

  • $10 will cover the cost of supplies to assemble one emergency kit.

  • $25 will cover the cost of gas to transport emergency kits from our main office to outreach events.

  • $10,000 is our fundraising goal!

For more information about the Pledge To One Thousand Kits, please contact us!

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