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Mayor Pete Buttigieg mentions Evacuteer in his article: Resilient Communities: A New Disaster Preparedness Approach

Funding community volunteer programs. The first people to respond to a disaster aren’t necessarily deployed by a government agency. They can be family helping family, friends helping friends, or neighbors helping neighbors. In 2009, a non-profit in New Orleans created a program in partnership with the city to train volunteers to help with evacuations.¹⁸

Evacuteer: About Us.” Evacuteer, 2019”.

[A] nonprofit organization called Evacuteer has stepped up to the plate to partner with the city to bring volunteers to help people with needs to evacuate use the system - the buses and other means - to be able to evacuate. And I think South Florida and the whole country could learn from New Orleans and Evacuteer.
— John Renne, Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, Florida Atlantic University


2017 Press coverage

September 25, 2017. CDC, Public Health Matters Blog. The Power of Us.

September 7, 2017. PFLAG Expanding The Rainbow, WHIV-LP New Orleans. How New Orleanians Can Prepare Themselves This Hurricane Season.

September 6, 2017. NPR, WWNO. Florida Prepares To Evacuate Residents Ahead Of Hurricane Irma.

June 1, 2017. NPR, WWNO. City Tests Evacuation System for Start of Hurricane Season

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October 16, 2016. The Atlantic. Could self-driving cars speed hurricane evacuations? 

June 22, 2016. Facebook page. Evacuteer's Evacuspots are more than cool public art

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June 3, 2015.  The New Orleans Advocate.  Love letter like Chris Rose's to New Orleans one of many project seeks from Katrina survivors

June 2, 2015.  Chris Rose pens love note to post-Katrina New Orleans on 'Evacuteer' website

May 27, 2015.  WVUE-TV.  Forecasters predict between 0 and 2 major hurricanes this season


2014 press coverage

July 30, 2014.  WVUE-FOX.  Evacuteer strives to educate residents on severe weather preparedness

June 5, 2014.  New Orleans legislators, environmentalists call for action to stop global warming

February 22, 2014.  EvacuSpot stick-figure sculpture says 'Throw Me Somethin Mister'

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2013 press coverage

June 24, 2013.  An artist tries urban planning and wins

June 20, 2013.  Don't laugh but a single artist just totally outshined an army of government planners

June 3, 2013.  NOLA Sprouting Evacuspots

June 3, 2013.  WGNO-ABC.  Evacuteer statues in place for hurricane season

May 18, 2013.  The next time someone says art doesn't accomplish anything, show them this

May 15, 2013.  Fast Company Co.Exist.  Public art marks hurricane evacuation spots in New Orleans

May 7, 2013.  WWNO-NPR.  Sculptures set to mark evacuation pickup spots

May 7, 2013.  Times Picayune.  Giant silver 'EvacuSpots' stick men point to hurricane evacuation sites in New Orleans

May 6, 2013.  WVUE-FOX.  Sculptures to mark evacuation points arrive


2012 press coverage

August 1, 2012.  WWL-CBS.  City emergency officials urge residents to finalize storm plans

July 21, 2012.  WWL-CBS.  Hundreds of Lutheran teens help neighbors prepare for hurricane season

June 2, 2012.  WGSO-AM.  All Things Local, Hello Hurricane Season Summit podcast

March 7, 2012.  Hurricane evacuation pickup spots to feature tall steel artwork

March 7, 2012.  AP Wire.  Sculpture chosen for New Orleans evacuation art

March 6, 2012.  New York Times.  New Orleans Group Promotes Hurricane Awareness


2011 press coverage

November 28, 2011.  WGNO-ABC.  Making 17 city evacuation pick-up spots memorable

August 25, 2011.  Chronicle of Philanthropy.  Volunteer group presses New Orleans to use art to make residents safer

August 13, 2011.  AP Wire.  Volunteer group aims to ease hurricane evacuations

June 21, 2011.  WWNO-FM.  Volunteers Train To Help City With Hurricane Evacuations  (Listen)

June 15, 2011. Editorial. volunteers provide a service when it's most needed: An editorial

June 11, 2011.  Hurricane evacuation volunteers hold preparedness event

April 13, 2011.  WDSU-NBC.  Evacuteer wants public art for storm pick-up points


2010 press coverage

August 11, 2010.  CNN.  'Evacuteers' ready to come to the rescue

July 23, 2010.  WGNO-ABC.  Evacuteers train for hurricane season