Why People Don't Evacuate, Even When They Should?

Evacuteer’s mission is to help the City of New Orleans with their City-Assisted Evacuation Plan, but the question always remains, Why would people NOT evacuate even when they are asked to do so. The other vexing question is: How do news outlets and emergency officials and even governors make people understand that they should?

Horry County, South Carolina just faced this issue when Hurricane Dorian menaced the South Carolina coast for days and triggered evacuation orders for every beach community in the state. They issued the warnings and yet, more people than not in some evacuation zones just didn’t evacuate.

Why didn’t people heed the warning? Were they just complacent? Did they think, it’s not going to happen to me? South Carolina Public Radio did a fascinating piece on this issue. And what they found is that evacuations are more complicated than is realized.

In a nutshell this is what they found:

  1. Evacuations are about money. Despite shelters and disaster aid, it’s costly to leave your home for a few days. Evacuating could mean days missed from work (i.e., lost wages), having to dine out (which often includes children), and paying for a hotel stay (which might cost extra if you’re taking pets with you).

  2.  A person’s track record can factor into their decisions. “If in fact you’ve survived Hugo or some of these other storms and didn’t have any major issues,” he says, “then you’re probably going to consider maybe not evacuating.”

As we move through this hurricane season and look forward to 2020, Evacuteer understands that we need to get out into each of our neighbor hoods BEFORE hurricane season, with information that allows each citizen to make the best decision for their families. A true grass roots efforts within our neighborhoods with our mission: We’re neighbors helping neighbors: we can all get out safely with the power of us..

So how can you help? We are in need of 2 things: hands and money! If you are able to volunteer with us, reach out! We want your help! Join our NEW VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP TEAM. If you don’t have the time, that’s OK. We can use a bit of your money. $5, $10, $50, it doesn’t matter; as every dollar helps us grow. As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we are looking to how we can move forward. Stay tuned for our 10 PLUS campaign! Without YOU we couldn’t do our work and WITH YOU we shall continue to be THE POWER OF US!