What's Old is New Again

As you Interim Executive Director, I have committed to our Board of Directors not only to manage our organization until the end of the year; but to also examine all of our processes and procedures in order to position us for 2020.

I have spent the last month looking and listening to both current volunteers and past leaders within our organization. I can say that I have never met a group of people more excited and committed to our organization! Each and every person is committed our our helping our community in it’s time of need. It’s no wonder NOLA is the greatest place to live.

With that said, we are going back to a program that worked extremely well. If you can’t be an Evacuteer or want to share with us your time on the front end, WE WANT YOU! We are in process of putting together our NEW VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP TEAM. If you are looking for an opportunity to make a SIGNIFICANT contribution to the future of our organization, this opportunity is for YOU! We need no more than 5 hours a month and your willingness to help in the following areas:

  1. Communications (Social media expertise is greatly appreciated)

  2. Strategic Project Leadership (Working within your community to help at a grass-roots level)

  3. Evacuteer SOP Review and Revamp (Review and Revamp our SOP plan for the City’s CAE)

  4. Strategic Partnerships (Work to expand our partnerships with other organizations within NOLA)

For more information about these exciting opportunities , please reach out to us directly.