Man, It's Hot Outside

As we move into the middle of September, the one thing everyone is talking about is the record breaking heat. and of course the BIG win for the Saints. I know there are plenty of things to distract us now that school is open and football season is upon us, but please don’t forget that we are in the height of hurricane season . The current temperature of the Gulf of Mexico is like bathwater which is extremely conducive to tropical development.

If you don’t have your evacuation or shelter in place plan in place, now is the PERFECT time to get one together. NOLA Ready and Get a Game Plan offer free resources to help in your plan.

With that said, WE NEED YOUR help. On Tuesday, September 17th, we are offering an Evacuteer Training. Come on by and learn how to help us help our citizens when we are most needed. If volunteering isn’t your gig, how about helping us by covering the cost of training? Every dollar helps us to continue to be: neighbors helping neighbors: we can all get out safely with the power of us.