Broadmoor Improvement Association

The Broadmoor Improvement Association (BIA) is one of the oldest neighborhood associations in New Orleans. Established in 1930 as the Broadmoor Civic Improvement Association (BIA) to address the needs of the developing Broadmoor neighborhood, it was incorporated in 1970 as the Broadmoor Improvement Association, Inc. to stop “blockbusting” in Broadmoor, a well-established, multi-racial/multi-ethnic community already living in harmony.

Before Hurricane Katrina, the BIA had worked continuously to improve the neighborhood. They reduced crime; secured the Rosa Keller Library;  joined with Rebuild New Orleans to repair homes of our low-income elderly or handicapped; re-treed our neutral grounds and the MLK park area – all in constant effort to improve Broadmoor and maintain a high quality of life for it’s residents.

In 2011 the BIA agreed to lead McMain high school, the CAEP pick-up point in Broadmoor.

Visit the Broadmoor Improvement Association website.

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