Below is the map of all 17 EvacuSpots throughout New Orleans and the partner organizations dedicated to assisting with a mandatory evacuation.

We offer exclusive benefits for our Partners:

  • Partner Network

    We bring our Partner Groups together for quarterly events to recognize their service to our community.

  • Tier I Re-entry Placard

    We understand how important your organization or business is to you and to the community. We want to offer you the ability to re-enter the City at a preferred status once re-opened.

  • Training Grants

    We cover the cost of your staff and volunteer's time to train to be Evacuteers.

Continuity Planning Services has developed an organizational continuity course designed for the many organizations that support our community. The course goal is to provide your organization with the tools, best practices, and template necessary for developing a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) specific to your organization’s needs and risk.

WHO MAY APPLY invites nonprofit organizations and citizen groups to apply for grant assistance to support evacuation volunteer involvement. Volunteering with during a mandatory evacuation event offers three major benefits. One, and most importantly, you are provided with an organized and well-planned way to give time to people in our community who need it, when they need it most.  Two, you receive emergency and evacuation training to make your entity and employees/ volunteers prepared to evacuate and recover in response to emergency events.  Three, upon completion of evacuation and staff/ volunteer readiness training, organizations are eligible to receive financial support. looks forward to receiving your application. Our partnerships with organized citizenry like you make us all stronger.

In order to be eligible for grant assistance from you must be able to answer yes to all of the questions that follow.

  1. Are you interested in volunteering during City Assisted Evacuation of New Orleans through
  2. Do you provide services in Orleans Parish?
  3. Is your organization a 501(c)3, neighborhood association, or other citizen group?
  4. Would your organization benefit from an emergency preparedness training program that allows for early re-entry post evacuation?
  5. Do you have at least 5 staff and/or volunteers who would undergo’s volunteer training and preparedness program (2 hours in length)?



Grants are not made to for-profit entities or private foundations described in Section 509a of the Internal Revenue Code. These entities are invited to participate in the volunteer program without stipends, and may receive emergency preparedness training on a fee for service basis.



Grants are only awarded as stipends for participation in’s volunteer training, drills, and activation programs. Funds will cover volunteer time for training at $20 per hour per person, and if applicable, 20% of total award for overhead related to programming involvement. Payment will occur:

  • after training is completed and;
  • after hurricane season as long as at least 80% of trained volunteers participate in any evacuations events;
  •                       OR
  • if the minimum number of training hours are reached (for partners with less than 10 staff);
  • and if no events occur.

Once training is complete, your organization will be listed on our website at as a       committed partner of that year. Completing the year with a full award also places your organization as a ‘preferred partner’ for future funding, as volunteers are re-certified annually. Award amounts will depend upon information provided in the application. Funding requests for any other programming, capital projects, or general operating will not be supported.


HOW TO APPLY, DEADLINES AND CONTACTS accepts grant applications February 1 through November 1. Request an application and send any questions regarding application eligibility and content by contacting Kali Roy at