JILLIAN SANDOVAL, operations director


Jillian began volunteering with Evacuteer in 2011, and became the team's second full-time staff member in the spring of 2016. Born and raised in the "Piney Woods" of East Texas, she fell in love with New Orleans the first time she visited the city; in her heart she knew that one day she would make it her home. 

Jillian initially became interested in nonprofit work as a service recipient of a women’s workforce development program in Portland called Oregon Tradeswomen. After graduating trade school she worked her way up in the nonprofit sector-- starting as a carpenter with Habitat for Humanity, and eventually overseeing a large federal grant for an AmeriCorps program helping rebuild homes for New Orleans families post-Katrina.

As the Operations Director for Evacuteer, Jillian oversees all communications, volunteer recruitment, management, training, logistics, community outreach, partnerships, web presence, and information technology. In other words, she pretty much does everything. Jillian is currently pursuing her master's degree at the University of New Orleans in Public Administration, and holds a BA in Social Sciences from Tulane University.

I am SO thrilled to be a part of an organization that goes a step beyond recovery to actually avert a compounded disaster like we saw after Hurricane Katrina— in the Superdome, on rooftops, on highways, families separated, people and pets left behind to suffer an unspeakable tragedy.

Evacuteer is such a great model for emergency response volunteerism because it empowers our citizens to become leaders in building resilience for our own community, as opposed to what’s seen as a typical “top-down” government approach.

I followed my heart here to New Orleans, now to Evacuteer, and I feel like I’m finally home.
This place is family.”
— Jillian Sandoval