Love, Write, Light: Our 2015 Campaign to Light the Evacuspots


Dear Love, Write, Light Campaign Supporters:

In 2015, for the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, you helped us to embark on an incredible mission to light our Evacuspot statues. We did this in hopes to bring them more visibility and promote City-Assisted Evacuation awareness to our residents because we believe that everyone deserves access to an option to evacuate safely during a mandatory evacuation.

Our journey included asking people to write their love letters to New Orleans on a social media platform at The first letter we posted was powerful. A follow-up penned by Chris Rose ten years after his column from the Times-Picayune, we thought it couldn’t get much better. And you lovers of New Orleans rejoiced in the process, sending in proud photos of “home.” We were awe-struck as celebrities and thousands of people from all over the world detailed their stories of love, hardship, and ultimately, admiration, for New Orleans.

Then, we got an opportunity to collaborate with our friend and supporter, Steve Gleason, and the WhoDat Nation, on a KickStarter campaign called “Light Dat.” Steve Gleason wrote and read his love letter to New Orleans, captured via film, and left not a dry eye as we re-watched his game-saving punt in the first home game after Katrina had left our residents devastated.  This was picked up and featured by the NFL and on ESPN SportsCenter’s tenth anniversary tribute, resulting in an outpouring of support and 358 donors contributed over $28,000 to our cause.

These efforts, together with amazing contributions from Walmart Foundation ($100,000), Center for Disaster Philanthropy ($40,000), Good 360 ($10,000), Emeril Lagasse Foundation ($20,000), Caroline Fayard ($20,000), UBS ($20,000), Woolard Family Foundation ($20,000) , Dell Foundation ($5,000) we raised over $280,000 to light each of our statues.

Evacuteer wishes to thank everyone who has taken their time and given money to help us reach our goal. You gave not only to us, but invested in New Orleans as a stronger and more prosperous city that cares about each of its residents. 

Thank you.


Robert Fogarty, Co-Founder

David Morris, Former Executive Director and Board Member

Kali Rapp Roy, Former Executive Director