Internship Program

Powered by a staff of just one person, relies on our interns to accomplish-- and expand upon-- our mission goals! Interning with us for a semester (or longer) will provide you with a unique opportunity to build your network in public-private partnership roles, develop and refine your organization and communication skills, and gain critical, hands-on experience in the exciting and growing field of disaster management and mitigation!

As an intern, you will:

  • Gain substantive professional experience, as well as exposure to critical issues pertaining to the non-profit sector, community outreach as well as the disaster science and management field

  • Develop a comprehensive perspective on Evacuteer’s mission and the “whole community approach” to emergency preparedness

  • Advance critical projects and programs by planning, developing and coordinating with both public and private entities and organizations

  • Work closely with our staff to further public awareness of emergency and disaster preparedness procedures in the city of New Orleans

  • Assist in coordinating and developing community outreach projects, such as community canvassing days and volunteer training events

Evacuteer gave me professional confidence, not only in public speaking and grant writing skills, but in my ability to roll with the punches and adapt to an imperfect world to get the job done.
— Anna Walton, Yale University intern

How to apply:

Click on the links below to review our open positions. Application instructions are listed at the bottom of each description.

If you have any questions about our internship program, please feel free to reach out!

THe Fall 2018 internship application period has closed. stay tuned for more opportunities next spring!

Participating academic institutions have included: