Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

It's a big job, but we can do it with your help! See the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you don't see your question answered here, reach out to us!

+ In the event of a mandatory evacuation, how will Evacuteer contact me?

We will contact you via text and email as soon as we know that we will need to activate our Evacuteers to help run City-Assisted Evacuation.

+ How many people will use City Assisted Evacuation (CAE)?

It is estimated that somewhere between 35,000 and 40,000 New Orleans residents do not have reliable transportation or the means to evacuate themselves safely, and will need to use CAE if a mandatory evacuation is called.

+ What will my Evacuteer shift look like?

During CAE, Evacuteers will be assigned to one of 17 Evacuspot pick-up locations. When you sign up to serve with us, we will ask you to let us know which location is your preferred Evacuspot. This might be a location that's close to your home, your church, or a friend's house!

Evacuspot Captains will lead a team of 5-10 Evacuteers at each Evacuspot location. Evacuteers will help fill out registration tickets, attach luggage labels, and help load evacuees onto RTA buses for transportation to the Union Passenger Terminal downtown.

Each Evacuteer shift is 7 hours long, and you may either be assigned to serve the first shift of the day (Shift 1) or the second shift (Shift 2). Evacuteers do not serve after dark at the Evacuspots.

+If I volunteer with Evacuteer, will I have time to prepare for my own evacuation?

No Evacuteer should feel obligated to stay any longer than he or she feels comfortable. Your shift will be 7 hours long, and we strongly recommend that all Evacuteers make the necessary preparations for their own evacuation before they show up for duty.

While some Evacuteers may choose to serve a second shift if CAE runs into a second day-- and your flexibility to do so is very much appreciated-- we will ensure that all Evacuteers are released from service at least 30 hours before tropical storm winds reach coastal Louisiana.

We understand that you may have dependents, pets, and loved ones you will need to prepare for your own family's evacuation. When you sign up to serve with us, you may request to serve the first available shift to give yourself the additional time you need to evacuate safely.

+What should I bring with me? Will I be given time to eat during my shift?

All Evacuteers should bring their own snacks and water. While our Evacuspot Captains will do their best to assign breaks to their team, they may get very busy! We encourage you to be your own advocate and request breaks when you need them. Evacuspot team members should use the "buddy system", and check in on each other often! Remember- you must take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

Most Evacuspot locations are outdoors, and have varying levels of shade. We will have a pop-up tent and a few chairs, but Evacuteers should be prepared for the weather! Bring sunscreen, a hat, and anything else that you think you will need. You should also wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes.

+ What if I have a friend I want to serve with?

Reach out to us and let us know! We're happy to accommodate friends and groups by assigning Evacuteers to the same Evacuspot and shift so that they can serve together.

+If I volunteer with Evacuteer, can I stay in New Orleans during a mandatory evacuation?

Absolutely not! After you complete your volunteer shift, all Evacuteers must either self-evacuate or use CAE themselves to get to safe shelter.

+Can I use CAE to evacuate myself?

It is intended as a means of last resort for people who have no alternative evacuation plan. We recommend that Evacuteers evacuate themselves either in personal vehicles or with friends and family, if possible.

+How will Evacuteer prepare me for service?

Each Evacuteer is required to attend an in-person training at least once every other year, and we will reach out to you every year to confirm that you are still available to serve with us. In the event of a mandatory evacuation, we will also hold an orientation to review the training material and introduce you to your Evacuspot Captain and team.

+What if I have other questions?

Reach out to us! You can always email us at, or call our Program & Volunteer Manager: (504) 517-3580